Monday, November 21, 2011

For those of you keeping score at home

The pullets are nosing ahead again...

Yes, that's four (count them, four!) pullets standing outside the coop door, trying to figure out how to get in.
One of the less stupid  braver ones actually edged past me while I had the door open, filling feeders, and got inside.  A second one I cornered, grabbed, and boosted over the fence.
The other two are still out there milling around somewhere, too fast for me to capture.  (Madman tried to find them when he got home, but since it now gets dark in what feels like mid-afternoon,  it wasn't possible to find two chickens by the light of a headlamp.)
We honestly can't figure out how they're getting out.  And apparently, neither can they, since they can't manage to get back in.


OfTroy said...

many years ago, my young daughter decided to be come a vegetarian--but she still continued to eat chichen--she justified her act by claiming chichen (and fish) were too stupid. Now i wonder.. smart enough to find there way out of the coop (pretty smart)--too stupid to find there way back in.. (pretty stupid!)

Joansie said...

Shout the word "preditor" to might scare them back into the coop. Adventuresome little buggers!

Cookie said...

Oh my. Poor stupid little chickens.