Monday, January 31, 2011

Woohoo! Made it there and back again!

And no more crazy car disasters.
Though my youngest and I were in two similar almost-accidents in two separate cities at about the same time on Friday, as the last of the ill-luck still tried to prevent our trip...
I've got pictures of piggies and alpacas and chickens to flash at ya, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow. I'm way too tired to try to cope with pictures tonight.
There. Christmas 2010 is officially over. I can start my Christmas knitting for 2011.
(Yeah, right.)

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Bullwinkle said...

Wow. That's an extended season ;) Sure does shorten the time available for 2011 knitting. (Take that into consideration, will ya'?)

uhm, didn't you, like, get home in time for a new storm?