Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yeah, it's that Winter Wonderland thing again...

Yesterday was the big day - the stars and my schedule and our garage's schedule finally aligned and I got studded snowtires put on my car. (In Vermont, they can be considered all-season tires.) (No, really.)
And it was just in the nick of time - yesterday's weather was freezing rain, shifting to snow in the late afternoon. The roads were slippery enough when I went in to work at 2pm; I certainly wasn't looking forward to the drive home after 11:00.
But when I went out to my car after closing the store, I discovered that the roads weren't my most immediate problem.
I tried to open my car's door and discovered it was frozen shut. It would jiggle enough to kick on the overhead light, but no way was it going to open for me. I started to worry that yanking too hard on the door handle would break it, resulting in a door that would never close again. (Which would be Somewhat Inconvenient.)
I tried the door to the back seat, with the same result.
Working my way around the car, the next door to try was the rear hatch. That one opened without a fight to the death, but since I had picked up my car from the garage immediately before going in to work, the rear cargo area was full of my old tires. The only way I was going to be able to get in that way was to take out the tires, drop them in the snowy parking lot (and it was still snowing hard at this point in my evening. We're talking the full Winter-with-a-capital-W experience), crawl through clambering over both the back and the front seats, kick the door open, then get back out to retrieve the tires.
I considered this plan for about a nano-second.
The passenger rear door didn't budge at all, but hallelujah, the front passenger door finally popped open. It may have been the cursing. Or the volume of the cursing. Or I might have gotten extra points for creativity. All I know is that I really really didn't want to mess around with a bunch of heavy dirty tires in the middle of a parking lot in the middle of a snowstorm.
The drive home was long and slow. If the snowplows were out, they weren't working on any of the roads I was traveling. It was hard to even see the roads I was traveling.
But my brand spanky new tires climbed right up my driveway, which was the first time in days that I hadn't had to give up at the bottom and hike my way up.

So, tonight on the way home, I thought all that was behind me. The roads were clear of snow, I could drive at normal speed, and it looked like clear sailing.
And it was, until I turned onto the country road that leads to our road.
It's a long bumpy curvy road. Picture a roller coaster constructed for cars.
Apparently, when I was joggling all those car doors last night, I loosened them, even though I couldn't get them open.
Every time I hit a bump, or went around a tight curve, the overhead light and the dashboard open-door-indicator light would come on. And go off. And come on again.
It was like I had my own private lightning storm. Inside my car.
At least there was no thunder.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Theater Of The Seasons! What a #^$$%% adventure! Glad you didn't have any accidents on those nasty roads. And that one of your car doors finally opened. My husband insists on washing my car all winter long, and every time he does the door locks freeze. I personally DO NOT CARE if my car is covered in salt and dirt -- as long as the doors open. Which reminds me: he washed it *for me* last week right before it got really, really cold, so I'd better dig out my lock de-icer before I trek up the hill to where my vehicle is parked.

Laurie said...

I thought you were going to say doors were swinging open! And I would have crawled over the tires after checking the other doors.

amy said...

That's so funny. My friend's car was also frozen shut. She had to crawl in through the trunk and then kick open her driver's side door from the inside, "ninja- style".

I just got my winter tires on, just in the nick of time as well.

Diane said...

It makes a good story but I'm sooo glad that all I have to do is shovel the deck off when it snows. :-) I bet it was a sumbitch out in that parking lot.

Bullwinkle said...

Soo ooo ... then you went home and systematically opened and slammed all the doors, right. You know, just to get the electronic connections back. ;)

Glad you're home safe (and yay! for snow tires!)

Cookie said...

Thank goodness for the new snow tires!