Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Kohl's have it

Kohl, it is, then.
(The name works on soooo many levels.)

Last night, as I was cooking supper, I heard raindrops start splashing on the roof. I looked out the window at the sheep and saw Kohl standing out in the middle of the sheep pen. In the rain. Goldie was nearby, but Onyx and Merlin had taken shelter under the tarp we have rigged over one corner of their pasture for a sunshade/umbrella.
Kohl continued to stand in the rain. The sky opened up and the rain poured down. Goldie ran for cover.
Kohl continued to stand in the rain.
Goldie ran back out to fetch him.
Kohl continued to stand in the rain.
Goldie finally nudged him up toward the shelter, but he stopped just short of it.
And continued to stand in the rain.
He finally went under the tarp, but wandered back out again.
And continued to stand in the rain.
Goldie finally lost patience and shoved him until he was under the tarp.
It dawned on me that he was only a week old, and though we've had a few night-time showers, this was the first time he'd seen rain in the daytime.
He was just bewildered by something new.
Either that, or he doesn't have sense enough to come in out of the rain...


Laurie said...

Maybe he liked the sensations. But then again, he is a sheep.

Diane said...

Didn't you play in the rain when you were a kid? Grown ups are grumps.

Joansie said...

That must have been a cute site to watch. OK, so tell me, if they get wet, rub against the fence or each other, do they get felted?

Bullwinkle said...

omg. That is so sweet.

And what is the harm in getting wet?

Cookie said...

I can see how it might have been sort of confusing for him to try to figure out where the wet stuff was coming from. He's still so new and everything...


Anonymous said...

I think I have read about desert aboriginal people doing the same thing the first time they saw rain. Must have been an awesome experience for Kohl.