Saturday, July 24, 2010

The suspense is nearing fatal levels...

Yesterday was my day off, so I spent a goodly part of it watching Goldie. She was quiet. Normally she devotes a lot of time to complaining about the portion sizes around here and grumbling about Onyx and Merlin hogging the really good stuff. So quiet is not the norm for her. When I took them supper, she didn't even headbutt Onyx out of the way.
Weird. Very weird.
We were more-than-half-expecting to see a lamb up on the hill this morning when we got up.
But no. Just Onyx and Merlin, and a very fat Goldie who was complaining to the staff that breakfast was late and how inexcusable that behavior is, since, after all, the sun had been up for hours and hours and hours. (Which in human time is about 10 minutes.)
No lamb yet.
Come ON! We're waiting!

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Diane said...

You need to make plans/reservations someplace that will be hard to break: that will bring on labor for sure.