Thursday, March 18, 2010

We have a pip!

Just a micro-pip so far, too small to show up in a picture. (I tried.)
We were getting discouraged. We checked the books last night to make sure we hadn't miscounted the days (we hadn't) - but we found a reference that said larger eggs take a little longer.
We chose the real whoppers to incubate. Eggs big enough that, looking at them, your first thought was "Oh my god, that poor hen..."
Apparently, we just have to be a little more patient with this lot.
Stay tuned for further updates. Film at 11:00.


Joansie said...

Looking forward to it! Enjoy!!!

Bullwinkle said...

Oh yay! I'm looking forward to it!

p.s. I think you need a video cam so we can all watch :)

p.p.s. wrt the Chicken Dance, I actually thought, "hey! The Chicken Dance didn't pop right into my brain." And my brain paused for comedic effect and then screeched, "SUCKER!" and put the dance back on endless loop. /sigh