Friday, March 19, 2010

Pictures-2, Chicks- 0

Not in any hurry, these chicks. But slowly pecking away.

Here's the leader:

And at the bottom of this photo is Number 2 (leader at the top) :

(If you're wondering what the Xs are - we mark the eggs so we can tell that we've turned them over. There are Os on the other side. Otherwise it's really really hard to tell which ones have been rolled and which ones haven't.)

(And, hey - if you're here from Madman's FB contest, you're totally cheating. Shoo!)


Diane said...

Please don't tell me you're having an omelette for dinner tonight, after the chicken last night, those poor things will be too scared to ever hatch.

Bullwinkle said...


Every time I see that you've posted, I'm expecting chicks. But this is progress.

(And let's all move on to the Markarena, shall we?)

sophanne said...


Anna M said...

Chick Watch 2010.... a race for peeps from pips and rock and roll!

How come you aren't on Facebook????? You should have Ryan "frend" me, that way I can at least keep up with ya'll!

Joansie said...

Amazing how hard they have to work to get out.