Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yes, words do bite.

But first, a basket. The class I'll be teaching is a beginner's class, so I wanted a simple basket that would cover the basics: an open-weave bottom, plain plaited sides, and a simple wrapped rim. I made this one for the class sample:(Clothespins included for scale. And because they're what I use for clamps (best cheap craft clamps ever!) so they happened to be nearby.)
And the semi-side view:

The only thing I didn't do while it was still wet, that I really should have done, was to burn off the "hairs" - little fibery bits from the reed that stick out here and there.

But given how late it was, and how tired I was, and how crappy I felt, it seemed like a remarkably poor idea to start playing with open flames. I'll resoak the basket at a later date, and burn them off then. (Getting the basket wet reduces the risk of setting fire to it. Go figure.)

Oh, the post title?
I had a feeling that the last words of this post would come back and bite me on the ass...
Yes. I'm sick. Madman had a head cold a week or so ago that he passed on to me, but my version is a combination head and chest cold. One or the other would have been sufficient. Both at once is beating the crap out of me. I've been taking the elderberry syrup, and I think it's helping. (Which is actually scary; if this bad is 'better', imagine how truly bad I'd feel without it...)
Tomorrow is my day off. I had all kinds of plans, but I think my new plan is to wrap up in a quilt and lay on the couch. A friend at work loaned me season 4 of Lost, I have plenty of knitting, and lots and lots of elderberry cough syrup.
Now all I need is a truckload of tissues.


Cookie said...

Love the BASKET!

Oh, I'm sorry. I just NORMAed you. I keep doing that.

I am so sorry that you've come down sick. I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your sofa time!


Bullwinkle said...

Hope you feel better soon! (uhg, sick!)

That basket is gorgeous :) I love the shape and now I know that you weave baskets. Cool. (Its not something I've ever done but something I've considered.)

Diane said...

I'm sending you virtual chicken soup, here's hoping you feel better soon. So did you teach yourself the basket making or take a class? I almost never leave a festival without buying a basket, maybe it's time I learned to make them myself.

Laurie said...

TNx for a great picture, despite your miserable virus. I think your plan of quilt and rest is good. Hydration.

Anna M said...

I've always wanted to learn basket making. Can you teach me to do it underwater?

Hope you feel better soon!

Norma said...

Cracking up at AM's comment and the syntax, and had to come up with this bumper sticker to match:

"Basket weavers do it underwater."

...or something. Heh.


pacalaga said...

get some eucalyptus essential oil, put a few drops in some hot water and breathe the steam. it totally helps, swears.