Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Up way later than I had planned. I was finishing up a sample for a beginning basket-weaving class I'll be teaching next month. I just needed to finish putting the rim on it. After diligently soaking the reed, getting other things accomplished while I waited, I discovered that the piece I had chosen was about 3 inches too short.
So I had to cut a new piece, and set it to soaking. I ended up starting the rim at about the time I had planned to be finished. I could have just set the whole thing aside, and finished another day, but my innate stubbornness kicked in. Everything was ready. I wanted to get it done. By gum, I was going to finish it.
Virtue may be its own reward, but stubbornness is its own punishment...


Laurie said...

Must finish now? Not working the next day? Picture please?

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Also agitating for basket photos! Because you don't really have enough to do at your place :-)

Norma said...

You make baskets, TOO!? Awesome!

Diane said...

/whine on
I wanna learn to make baskets.
/whine off

Yep, let's see the basket, please.