Thursday, November 19, 2009

It was a simple plan.

Though some of you are familiar with my plans and their execution.

Let's review. My plan for today was:
1) Wrap up in a quilt and rest on the couch.
2) Watch season 4 of Lost.
3) Knit something. Anything. I wasn't picky.
4) Guzzle elderberry cough syrup.
5) Blow my nose. Repeatedly.

Of these five, I managed to accomplish two. Unfortunately, it was the last two.
What I did manage to get done was:
1) Caught up a little on my blog reading. I'm still roughly 1000 posts behind, but at least I know what some folk were up to through the end of August.
2) Went to the library. Had to - I had books that were due.
3) Made an experimental barbecue sauce for tomorrow night's supper. (It's a crockpot project, so the sauce had to be done today so I could fire up the crockpot in the morning before work.)
4) Finished baking the batch of cookies that I'd started earlier in the week. (Well, we were out of cookies. What's a brown bag lunch without a cookie?)
5) Ran an errand with Madman. Unavoidable.
6) Fed the sheep, forgetting to take the camera out with me. I noticed the other day that their fleeces are now hanging to their knees. All you can see is skinny little legs sticking out of a big puffball of wool.
7) Gathered the afternoon eggs, forgetting to take the basket with me. I ended up with eggs in both coat pockets, as well as a bunch cradled in the front hem of my sweatshirt. It could have ended badly. Very badly.
8) Stacked 84 sheep. (A new personal best.) (And thanks, Laurie, for the new obsession, BTW.)
9) Plied a little more of the merino-tencel. I didn't mean to. But I sat down, and next thing I knew, I had fiber slipping through my fingers. I don't know how it happened. Really.
10) Cooked supper. I was totally going to con Madman into cooking for me, but forgot.
11) Wrote a blog post. This one.

I'm going to go lay down on the couch now. Seriously, this time.


Cookie said...

I hope you've got your feet up by now, missy.


Angie said...

Quilt and couch! Feel better soon, okay?

Erika said...

Ha! My egg pocketing ended badly yesterday. I knew it would eventually.

Turns out, you can kind of scrub most of the goop out of a fleece jacket pocket with cold tap water and your fingers. Then wash it in the laundry machine with cold water, and you'd never know an egg got smashed in there.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

wow. You'veearned that sofa quilt. Feel better!
(but can we see the sheep after you've recovered?)

ps my security word is man too

Anna M said...

Sloth days elude me too. I can't even imagine you having a sloth day!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you have The Ick. I hope you feel better. Become one with the couch...

pacalaga said...

don't forget the steam. will make you feel better, for real.

Pat said...

It sure sounds like you did an awful lot for someone with a good cold! Hope you're feeling better now!

Laurie said...

Yes, I am personally responsible for all stacked sheep. :) I'm impressed you had a personal best with viri having their way with your brain.