Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Dark-side of the Scarf

Laurie expressed interest in seeing the back of my scarf-in-progress.

All those sl1wyif and sl1wyib stitches give you lots of little carries on the backside. There's a shadowy image of the diamonds that is sort of interesting, though. If I was totally insane slightly masochistic, I'd be knitting this in the round, so there would be no 'wrong side.' But I don't really need to be any crazier than I already am, so I'm continuing with the original plan.


Kaberge: said...

Oh man.

I found something about double knitting the other day - ( ) where one side of the scarf is one color and one side is the other color. Considering I'm lucky if I remember how to perl I'm not sure how it works, but... it's interesting.


Cookie said...

Looks lovely!

Knit in the round with a purl on each side to give it side edges would make for a wonderful scarf. A dreadfully warm scarf.


fleegle said...

I like it--it's a very interesting pattern. Kind of mysterious.

Laurie said...

That actually looks pretty good. I thought there would be more floats.