Thursday, August 27, 2009

Drowning in eggs

This is one of my favorite dessert recipes - Peach Clafouti. It's quick and easy, and best of all, it uses 3 eggs!

Fresh from the oven,

and after it's had a chance to cool down and settle a bit.
And, Norma? I also make a knock-your-socks-off Ginger-Pear version. Even without Sweet Ginger Balls...


Diane said...

Recipe please?

Holy Sweet Ginger Balls!

sounds like a great curse.

Better than schucky darn.

Anna M said...

Ditto for recipe, Wes loves peaches.

Norma said...

Oh, Mannnnnnnnnnnnn! I'm on a diet. Did I mention? Hee.

Cookie said...

Ginger has ball?!

Who knew?

Looks wonderful!

Bullwinkle said...


Farmer's market had peaches this a.m. 1 pie for bringing tonight and 1 caflouti for work tomorrow.

Angie said...