Thursday, July 2, 2009

North to Alaska Almost Canada

I was way overdue for a fiber-day, or any kind of relaxing day, for that matter. So this morning I packed up my Ashford Traditional and headed north for a visit with my favorite princess. We talked, we spun, we talked some more. She treated me to a most excellent lunch, including the dessert that almost killed Norma. (Strawberries, lemon-ginger muffin tops, some crazy balsamic magic, and whipped cream. Oh, my. I'm not a dessert person, but this one might have converted me...)
And OMG, I watched her making some of her stunning batts. Holy crap! The pictures she takes (and they are lovely pictures) come nowhere near doing these batts justice. I was just looking for a drumcarder lesson, and I got a close-up view of magic happening.
I may have to change my Tour de Fleece fiber plans. Or maybe just expand them. I now have more purple. Wonderfully gorgeous perfect purple. Ultimate purple. With whipped cream milk fiber and a cherry firestar on top.


Anna M said...

I'm glad you had a good time. Wes remarked that you should come up more often. I think I need to come down too. We also need to corral Norma. *g*

Laurie said...

Pretty pretty batts! Another version of the gateway drug.

Norma said...

Seriously, that dessert? You just made my mouth water. Aren't her batts just wonderful, too?

I'm inwardly laughing..... That AM, she is so multi-talented. Me, I go there for the waxing -- you go for the spinning....we all go for the eating. Hahaha.