Friday, July 3, 2009

Almost Ready for Tour de Fleece

Almost done with the plying on the orange laceweight - I finished the last of the singles at AnnaMarie's yesterday. Then sat up waaaay too late last night trying to get the plying done. (Question for the Universe: Why do the singles never ever ever come out even? I'm going to have to do that Andean bracelet thing again. I'm not ept enough to do that Andean bracelet thing. It usually ends up that Anaconda bracelet thing. *sigh*)
And I was telling a story to AM yesterday, and she said "And you didn't post about it??"
So here it is.
I've previously mentioned that our sheep are afraid of the camera. What I've actually discovered is that they're afraid of shiny things. I bought them a nice shiny new feed bucket, thinking it would be easier for them to snack out of than the Cabot sour cream container we've been using.
They were terrified of that bucket. Wouldn't come anywhere near me. Scary shiny bucket. I finally had to go hide it.
So, Sunday, when I went to go feed them their evening snack, they were all jumpy and skittish and wouldn't come anywhere near me. No camera. No bucket. It was hurting my feelings. Now, at first, I thought it was just the fact that Madman had been bustling around all day with the garden tractor and his new weedwhacker (give a man a new weedwhacker and suddenly the world is just full of weeds...) That was a lot of new kinds of noises to throw at them. But I had thought they'd had plenty of time to calm down by then.
It didn't occur to me till days later what was really upsetting them.
That was the first time this year that I had worn shorts. They'd never seen me in shorts before.
They were afraid of my shiny white legs...


Anna M said...

This still makes me laugh!!! Silly Sheep *g*

Erika said...

Shiny things are scary! Clearly, your sheep are already prepared for the coming robot apocalypse.

Cookie said...

I love it!

Diane said...

*snort*. I can sympathize with your sheep because I always go into shock the first time I put on shorts every summer. So white and fishy-looking.

Laurie said...

Python bracelet? I can't do it either.

The sheep are more than funny. Such sheep.