Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh, no!! It's blackfly season!

I planted a few of our tomato starts in the hoophouse this morning, then tried to do a little weeding in the flowerbeds.
And was attacked by the little bloodsuckers. I react badly to blackfly bites - I swell up and itch and itch and itch. Not so bad when they bite me on the arms or neck, but when they go for my face, my eyes swell shut and turn purple. I end up looking like a regular at Fight Club.
My choices were to weed with one hand, while flailing at blackflies with the other hand, or to give up and go inside.
I went inside.


pacalaga said...

That IS one nice thing about the desert. We have skeeters and flies. And bees. And not much else.

Anna M said...

Yuck! We haven't seen nary a one up here, but like you I react badly to the bits. I actually break down and use Skin so Soft Bug Spray and it works.