Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is Day Two of quitting smoking. God. Damn.
I thought the first day would be the hardest.
Cold Turkey.
Can't I just get someone to sedate me for a week or two?
Coma. That's the ticket.


pacalaga said...

I would get all cheerleadery and shout you can do it, but I know that would make you want to kill me. Good luck with finding someone to sedate you.

Anna M said...

Just think about all the cash you'll have for stash! You Go Girl!!!

gayle said...

I really really want to just sit in a corner and hiss. And growl.

Norma said...

OMG, I missed this?? Fellow addicts (for me, it was "just" the diet sodas) unite! Yes, it's always the 2nd and 3rd days (and about 2 weeks hence) that are the worst. I hope you make it. It's SOOOO hard, I know.