Monday, March 2, 2009

Still spinning, still knitting, still griping about the snow

That says it all.

I've started the second bobbin of the purple roving. I'm trying to just spin in short intervals, since I've been not spinning for so long. My back muscles on my right side bother me if I do too much too fast (which is what I want to do. It's really hard to stop and step away from the wheel. Love. This. Color.) It's the same set of muscles that used to bother me when I was working as a florist - especially if I was doing something fiddly like making a lot of corsages for a wedding. I'd end up with muscle pain for days. I think I tense my right shoulder, and the tension just echoes down through the muscles of my back.

Still working on the thrummed mitten, too. The chart looks like it's right (so far so good!) - it's not a perfect match to the #1 mitten, but it's what I had actually intended in the first place, so it's all working out for the best. I need to tinker with the chart a bit, though, to get it down to a reasonable size. It's still bleeding over onto another sheet of paper, so I'm trying to beat it into submission make it a little more printer-friendly.

And as for cussing the snow? That's pretty much non-stop this time of year. I want Spring, dammit! Not another 12 freakin' inches of freakin' snow. Which has been falling sideways all day.

I hate that.


Anna M said...

I am starting to walk in lock step with you on the snow issue. Grrrr...

But, on the bright side, starting Saturday we're in the mid 30's every day which means Maple Syrup!!! Yay!!!

Norma said...

But I don't want mudddddddd!