Friday, February 6, 2009

Another version of the World's Warmest Mittens

This is my latest mitten endeavor. I'm knitting thrummed colorwork mittens again, this time with a much simpler pattern.

This pair is for ME!! (Yeah, it's purple. What can I say...)

I started with my new favorite tubular cast on. (For a fabulous tutorial, go here. Tech-Knitting is the best site ever. I've been knitting for more than 40 years, and I still learn new and wonderful things on that site. Browse and enjoy!) Then I knit a nice long cuff to keep the wind out, then started a simple color pattern, with thrums at all the crossroads. You can see the thumb gusset on the top right.

Speaking of thrums, Knitting Daily is running a bunch of posts on thrums at this point, though I almost fritzed out when I saw their advice on "making thrums" - they were bringing the ends in to the middle of the thrum, making a loop at each end. Now why on earth would anyone want to purposely make a bunch of fingercatchers in their mittens!?!?! Not. Good. Advice.

If anyone expresses interest, I'll chart out the pattern for these.


Anna M said...

Gorgeous!!! I have no idea how thrums work in mittens but those look toasty warm.

Joansie said...

I love the mittens. I haven't tried thrumbs yet but I read all the info on it. Love the colorway! I'm guessing you like purple!

Susan said...

They look fantastic!! This is the thrum mitten I have been dreaming about!! Pattern and helpful hints would be wonderful.