Monday, January 26, 2009

The Ice Queen Cometh..

But she's not here, yet. I'm casting off. And casting off, and casting off, and casting off. The Picot Cast-off is really pretty, but it's firmly in the PITA department. And not only do you cast off the cast-off edge, you have to go back and cast off where you cast on! (You start with a provisional cast-on.) Holy picots!
I'd take a photo, but it looks like every other blob of knit mohair lace. I'm sure if you just google "lace blob," you'll see a thousand pictures of it. And since I skipped the beads part, it looks even less fancy than an Ice Queen should.
I got Poinsettia blocked just in time - it was -14 here this morning. It's still a bit scratchy, but the warmth was truly appreciated!

So, back to the picots. I started knitting Ice Queen as a way of avoiding weaving in all those ends on Annemor 10. It's been very effective so far.


Anna M said...

I got quite a chuckle over postponing weaving ends by doing a PITA cast off. We knitters sure are a diverse bunch *lol*

Laurie said...

Oy. This is the part where you start to run out of yarn before the end of the castoffs, right?