Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Annemor

Moving right along on the Annemor glove. I'm past the point where the thumb stitches are put onto waste yarn, so about halfway up the palm.
And here's the front:
The dark green is Brown Sheep Wildfoote "Pine Tree"; the light green is KnitPicks Palette "Green Tea Heather."
The Palette is much more loosely plyed than the Wildfoote. If anything, the Wildfoote is over-plyed - I keep having a problem with it twisting back on itself. Since the Palette is fluffier than the Wildfoote, it's working out well as the color I knit with my right hand, with the Wildfoote in my left.
As for that "Green Tea Heather" name? No matter what they call it, it looks chartreuse to me. Not a fan of chartreuse. Which is why it's not the background color. No way could I give someone a pair of chartreuse gloves. Especially if I like them well enough to knit them gloves in the first place...


Laurie said...

The colors go together, which is what counts in the end. Beautiful gloves.

Thalia said...

I love those colors together! The gloves are going to be amazing. :)