Wednesday, July 23, 2008

*sniff* They grow up so fast...

I mentioned our new Rhode Island Red chicks a while back, but haven't posted any photos of them. Here they are at the age of 2 to 3 weeks. We kept them in big plastic tubs in the living room, with lamps to keep them warm.
You'll notice here, a week later, that they're starting to get that Klingon Chick look - their combs are starting to grow.

They kept us entertained with their constant busy-ness, always running and scratching and trying to fly - just polishing up the new skillz. They fell asleep with their faces in the feeder, and jumped up onto the waterer, then overbalanced and fell off again. And they made the most amazing sounds - little peeps and chirps and warbles.
But now they're 5 weeks old, all feathered out, and ready for the big coop.

Looks like he's saying "What?!?"

Velociraptors? Or is it just me?
I miss their little noises, though I must admit I don't miss the smell...

And last, here's Madman with one of the chicks just before the big move outside. One of them (at least, we think it's the same one. It's a little hard to tell...) thinks he's a parrot. Every time Madman extends his hand to this chicken, it jumps up, then starts sidling up to his shoulder.

I'll have to get the man an eyepatch and a pegleg - he's already got a sword and a "parrot".


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