Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Norma's Olde Microwave Contest

This is for Norma

My microwave may be even more ancient than hers... and still used on a daily basis.
It was a long-used hand-me-down from Madman's parents when they upgraded many years ago. He had it for years before we got together - and that was 11 years ago. The timer quit working last year, but since it is still zapping like a trouper, we just time things manually by watching the kitchen clock.
Two knobs, and a button. No keypad, no turntable.
They just don't make them like that anymore...

Zap it, baby!


Norma said...

Wow, you're GOOOOOOOD! I think I would break down and get a new one if the timer stopped working on mine. :)

Gae, in Callala Bay said...

weeell, we bought a National Genius m'wave in 1980. Huge, hidjus, but effective.

Eight or nine years later, new house, smaller kitchen, needed not just smaller m'wave, but smaller looking m'wave.

Genius seriously under-employed for some years - often 'on loan' to other households afflicted with less reliable m'waves.

Would probably still be growing strong in it's final 'job' in the lunch room of our family business, except that idiot son secured the bracket supporting the shelf with a nail, instead of doing the job properly with a ralwplug. The glass turntable was the only thing that survived a four foot fall.