Sunday, January 13, 2008

Belated Introduction

So, in my excitement at finally breaking through the procrastination and starting a blog (it only took me two years...), I forgot to introduce myself.
I'm Gayle (aka mangofeet to various friends), living in extreme northern Vermont. Think cold. With lots of snow. Then imagine it even colder, and you might come close. We live in a pocket of zone 3, mostly surrounded by zone 4. We like wool up here.

I've been knitting since I was nine, so that's *mumblemumble* years. (Over 40, anyway... ) And the great thing about knitting is that even after all those years, I'm still learning new things.

I'm also a dollmaker - cloth dolls, though I used to do porcelain. Fairies are my favorite - just a sucker for those gossamer wings.

I make quilts - here's the most recent. It's for my new grandson:

We raise chickens:

and keep a big garden. (Sorry, no pics. It's under a couple of feet of snow right now...) We're trying to have more control over what we eat, and are very interested in sustainable agriculture. We're talking about raising rabbits for food and fiber. (As a spinner, I'm very interested in the fiber. As for the meat, part of me is saying "mmmm" while the other part is saying "but... but... cute little bunnieeees...." We'll have to wait and see on that one.)

And we have a little cat - so the blog is good to go...

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